The Pioneer Woman

Take one sassy former city girl, her hunky rancher husband and a band of adorable kids, an extended family, cowboys, 3000 wild mustangs, a herd of cattle and one placid basset hound and you have The Pioneer Woman. The Pioneer Woman is an open...

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Season 11 - The Pioneer Woman
"Ree makes Chinese food for her daughter Paige's slumber party. On the menu: cashew chicken; edamame fried rice; and quick pan-fried kale. Also: a breakfast of strawberry-granola pancakes."
"Ree throws a graduation party for Alex. Among the highlights is a taco bar with steak, shrimp, sides and toppings, including Tex-Mex black beans, queso blanco, peach salsa and roasted chili salsa."
"A Tex-Mex feast is prepared. On the menu: a chicken-tortilla casserole with homemade enchilada sauce; a fiesta tomato wedge salad; and Mexican fruit cocktail with sweet lime yogurt."
"Ree makes a care package, which includes zucchini cake topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting, crispy seasoned crackers, an escalloped cabbage casserole with a cheesy sauce and honey-glazed ham."
"A surprise birthday party lunch, for Todd, features cheesy smashed burgers with beer-battered onion strings and kicked-up fry sauce. Also: a 6-foot sundae, made with dark chocolate brownies, is served for dessert."
"Ree throws a prairie picnic for her friends. On the menu: chicken Milanese with a topping of arugula and Parmesan; Mediterranean orzo salad; cold roasted veggies with herby yogurt dip; and pina colada tres leches cakes."
"Ree makes Tex-Mex fried rice and cowboy chopped salad for lunch; and for dinner, it's smothered pork chops with smashed red potatoes and sliced tomatoes on the menu."
"Ree prepares sweets for the men in her life. Included: a Bartlesville cream pie for her chocoholic dad; sweet-and-sour lollipops for her brother-in-law; lemon bread pudding with bourbon whipped cream for her father-in-law; crispy treats for her brother, Mike."
"Lunch is made for Ree's hardworking family. Included: spicy sausage dogs in a curry-and-onion sauce; coleslaw with mustard-and-horseradish dressing; and kiwi-lime pie."
"Ree makes a care package for her college-age daughter. On the menu: brownie cookies; homemade cheddar crackers; spicy party mix; and crazy chocolate bark."
"With the house to herself, Ree decides to make her favorite foods, including creamy oatmeal with crisp caramel and fresh berries for breakfast. A dinner menu consists of lamb chops with mint; green beans with lemon and blue cheese; baked sweet potato with cream and mint; boozy dulce de leche coffee."
Season 12 - The Pioneer Woman
"Make-ahead dishes for a cocktail party. Included: chicken satay with peanut sauce; spinach-artichoke dip with salted pita wedges; caprese skewers with a balsamic drizzle; and honeydew spritzers."
"Ree makes holiday goodies to give as gifts. Included: Christmas cherries cookies; Christmas cake cookies; homemade gumdrops; pretzel turtles; cayenne-cheese straws; sweet, spicy and smoky roasted almonds."
"Ree celebrates her wedding anniversary by cooking a special meal for her entire family. On the menu: prime rib for five with chimichurri sauce; Colorado wedge salad with buttermilk dressing; crispy Hasselbeck potatoes; and rustic country bread with honey butter."
"Ree makes dinner for her family after a long, sweltering afternoon of hauling hay at her brother-in-law's house. On the menu is spicy Slow-Cooked Ribs, cheesy Hominy Casserole, Broccoli Salad and Ice Cream Layer Cake."
"Meals that are simple to make include a chicken-fennel bake; spaghetti carbonara; eggs in tomatoes; and veggie-tortellini soup. Also: Ree demonstrates three varieties of sheet-pan suppers, when she cooks sausage, Spanish-baked salmon, and teriyaki pork."
"A Tex-Mex dinner is prepared. On the menu: carnitas; mango salad; cheesy refried bean casserole; spicy guacamole."
"Food for a football-theme party. Included: kicked-up spicy wings with a cool blue cheese dip; quick chili; make-ahead sandwich rolls; a potato skins bar; salted pretzel brownies."
"Kid-friendly treats for a late-afternoon picnic. Included: animal crackers; crunchy cereal chicken fingers; cucumber finger sandwiches; salad on a stick; and watermelon mini wedges."
"Decadent chocolate treats are prepared by Ree. On the menu: white chocolate raspberry cheesecake; dipped and decorated waffle cones; milk chocolate mousse; and a chocolate-orange martini."
"Ree makes seasonal recipes. Included: a red wine pot roast for winter; a salad of roasted beet and goat cheese for spring; grilled chicken tacos with strawberry salsa for summer; and carrot-and-squash curry soup for fall."
"Three make-ahead meals, including chicken Cordon Bleu casserole; Tex-Mex tamale pie with a spicy beef filling; and a big pan of hearty bean-and-bacon soup."
Season 13 - The Pioneer Woman
"Ree prepares a new-mom care package. Recipes include brisket; funeral potatoes; angel food cake with buttercream frosting; fruit salad with spiced honey and thyme; and sweet almond crackers."
"Lunch recipes are featured. On the menu: a spicy burger piled high with onion rings for Ree's father-in-law; a sesame-tofu salad; a hearty pan of hot Hawaiian beef sandwiches; and mango-chili chicken."
"Ree hosts a viewer Q and A session starring a Slow Cooker Mexican Soup and a Killer Kale Salad. More cooking problems are solved with her Mom's White Bread and Ree gets the third degree on time, family and her four-legged friends."
"Ree hosts a dinner for girlfriends who helped her stock her new store. She starts with quinoa salad with buttery roast vegetables, then serves Cheesy Cauliflower Soup with chunks of gooey Jalapeno Cheese Bread. Dessert is Salted Caramel Cheesecake Squares."
"Ree uses tequila when cooking a meal. Recipes include queso fundido con tequila; shrimp-tortilla soup; berries with tequila cream; and a spicy Tequila Sunrise cocktail."
"It's a fun day of treats for Ree. After she makes Italian Chicken Soup for lunch and Cherry Pie to set aside for dessert, Ree lets Ladd and the kids make a dinner of Filet Steaks, Oven Potatoes and Roasted Asparagus."
"Ree prepares four get-ahead meal kits. Included: barbecue chicken pizza with spicy slaw; veggie stir fry; spinach Alfredo pasta bake; stuffed bell peppers."
"Springtime recipes include spicy jerk chicken; and steak and bean burritos. Also: crunchy corn salad; grilled peaches and pineapples over ice cream."
"Ree tests recipes for her deli menu. Included: basic chicken salad with grapes vs. a curried chicken salad with raisins; Brie-and-broccoli quiche vs. corned-beef-and-cabbage quiche; and a plain, perfect breading pudding vs. a fancy version with whiskey cream sauce."
"While Ladd and Cowboy Tim are out fixing fences, Ree Drummond prepares them their favorite Tex-Mex lunch. On the menu: grilled steak for rib eye quesadillas; spicy perfect pinto beans; and a taco ranch side salad. For dessert, skillet apple crisp."
"Ree makes a special meal of her father's favorite foods, in celebration of his retirement from medicine. On the menu: slow-cooked Burgundy beef stew; creamy cheese grits casserole; blistered green beans with a surprise ingredient; and mini-chocolate cherry Bundt cakes."
"Four summery 16-minute meals are prepared. On the menu: cilantro lime salmon; a Greek feast to go with Mediterranean chicken skewers, crunchy salad, red pepper hummus and olives; perfect pasta with pesto and peas for a mother-daughter dinner; and zucchini noodles fondue."
"Ree Drummond cooks up a whole lot of chicken. She demonstrates the benefits of bulk buying with three fantastic dishes, including a slow cooker recipe; chicken pie; and chicken with kale Caesar salad."
Season 14 - The Pioneer Woman
"An afternoon tea for Ree and her daughter. On the menu: fancy hot chocolate; ham-and-leek mini quiches; garden spread finger sandwiches; lemon-raspberry tarts; and mini-donut muffins."
"Ree prepares recipes for fruity granola chocolate chip cookies; Italian sloppy joes served with garlic toast; and lemon meringue pie."
"Spicy fried chicken sandwiches, piled high with crunchy coleslaw, are prepared by Ree for the guys working on renovating her mercantile store and deli. Other recipes include salmon and veggie grain bowl; blondies; and a special snack mix."
"Ree prepares dinner for her kids, before she heads out on the town with Ladd. On the menu: a mini meatballs pasta bake; make-your-own salad with Caesar ranch dressing; and mixed berry shortcakes."
"Low carb recipes are featured, including grilled pork tenderloin with baby bok choy; pizza with cauliflower crust and spicy sauce; and roasted shrimp with cherry tomatoes served alongside roasted lemon-chile broccoli."
"Ree plans a joint birthday bash for her son Todd and his cousin Caleb. The menu includes spicy pulled pork sliders; make-ahead slow cooker baked beans; and a three-layer homemade confetti cake."
"Ree cooks dinner with her husband, Ladd. On the menu: jumbo fried shrimp with a simple cocktail sauce; golden, spicy, curly fries; a speedy grilled corn casserole; and Mexican chocolate sundaes with cinnamon hot fudge sauce."
"A mash-up theme. Recipes include chicken enchilasagna for dinner; a combo of zucchini bread waffles with cream cheese syrup for breakfast; potato chip and chocolate chip cookies; and a cheeseburger salad."
"Ree Drummond seeks cowboy approval for dishes on her deli menu. Test recipes include rival chicken fried steaks paired with creamy gravy; classic biscuits vs. bacon and onion biscuits; and two versions of chocolate pie."
"Featuring freezer cooking FAQs. Included: one dough to make both chocolate chip cookies and cherry and lime treats. Also: recipes for butternut squash soup; spicy chicken spaghetti; and a roasted tomatillo sauce."
"Super s'mores and stunning marbled, dipped apples; deep-fried cheesecake bites with strawberry sauce; hard candy shot glasses topped up with fizz."
"Ree Drummond cooks a lunch of steak and eggs Benedict on garlic butter English muffins, while her husband and his father dismantle an old cattle feed storehouse; Ree serves a pitcher of Chuck's cherry limeade and a pineapple upside-down cake."
"Ree Drummond celebrates a frontier-style friendsgiving celebration with friends; turkey roulade rolled around sausage stuffing; leek and potato casserole as a mashed potato substitute; adventurous sides; pomegranate cocktail."
Season 15 - The Pioneer Woman
"Ree Drummond turns four of her favorite recipes into lighter, healthier 16-minute meals; a quick chicken Parmesan for the kids' dinner; lighter Asian noodle salad; tasty taco skillet; fried pork chops with white beans and spinach."
"Ree Drummond spends some quality time with her son, Bryce Drummond, by making him beef fajita nachos; slow cooker white chicken chili; orange-vanilla monkey bread; meat and potato scramble."
"Ree Drummond uses random cuts of beef; slow cooker Sunday stew with buttery parsley lemon noodles; bottom round steak in a teriyaki beef stir fry; ground beef in meat pies; top round London broil in a grilled beef salad."
"Ree Drummond cooks up game night food; pull-apart pizza rolls; Hawaiian burgers with grilled pineapple; taco quesadillas; husky bark inspired by Coach Ladd and the team colors."
"Ree Drummond shares the story of opening her store, The Mercantile, while making three get-ahead dinners; butternut mac and cheese; Tuscan bean soup; ready-to-go chili packets for chili dogs; chili nachos and chili cheeseburgers."
"Ree Drummond prepares a triple chocolate tiramisu as a thank-you to her best friend; chocolate butterscotch caramel bars; crispy chocolate dippers for a crazy chocolate shake."
"Ree welcomes Cowboy Cameron to the ranch with a frontier-style dinner kit of his favorite food; short rib sandwiches; roasted butternut squash salad; salted caramel frosted brownies; sweet tea lemonade."
"Ree Drummond prepares old-fashioned comfort foods; tuna noodle casserole; meatballs in sweet and sour sauce; glazed apple dumplings; cheesy Welsh rarebit."
"Ree Drummond prepares three lunches; beef noodle salad bowls with peanut sauce; a cowboy bento box packed with chicken wings in homemade BBQ sauce, creamy lemon basil potato salad, and apple and celery slaw; kale pasta mason jar salad."
"Ree Drummond comes home to find dinner ready; shepherd's pie made from a hearty beef stew with beer and paprika, covered in a thick layer of horseradish mashed potatoes; roasted carrots with vinaigrette; raspberry cream pie."
"Family favorite 16-minute meals; chicken mozzarella pasta; cowboy chopped salad; French bread pizza with six different toppings; beef with snow peas stir-fry."
"Ree Drummond serves up different types of eggs for breakfast; eggs benedict; steak and eggs benedict with spicy hollandaise; the best scrambled eggs ever pioneer-style; cornmeal pancakes with blueberry syrup; eggs in tomatoes; spicy eggs on toast."
"Ree Drummond cooks up seasonal glazed baked ham for a Sunday brunch; wrapping up spring cleaning with fried chicken and a bonfire; pasta primavera and Mexican fruit cocktail with sweet lime yogurt."
Season 16 - The Pioneer Woman
"Ree Drummond makes non-stop all-in-one wonders; chicken and dressing sheet pan supper; lemon, basil and shrimp risotto in a skillet; ramen pho; layered portable Greek salad in a jar."
"Ree Drummond fixes up a warming lunch; chunky beef chili; a cowboy favorite with two kinds of beef; cheesy quesadilla; individual caramel cakes."
"Ree Drummond makes spicy food; Kung Pao chicken; spicy srirachi popcorn; new queso; spicy cowgirl coffee; spicy shrimp."
"Evening meals in Ree Drummond's 16-minute frontier fast lane; shrimp tacos with slaw and fixings; pork chops with wine and garlic with a side of zesty lemony green beans; pepperoni chicken; crispy grilled cheese."
"Filling the fridge with the kids' favorite foods; Paige's quiche with her pick of fillings; broccoli cheese mac and cheese mash-up as ordered by Bryce; chicken noodle soup for the Merc's newest recruit; berry yogurt parfaits."
"Ree is testing delicious ideas for kitchen hacks to up her breakfast game, including a shortcut to Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Pancakes; she creates a crazy Omelet in a Bag; unleashes the waffle iron for cheesy hacked Wafflemaker Hash Browns."
"Ree cleans out her fridge and uses up food that's on the way out; she creates a lemon rice pudding with left-over lemons; the produce drawer is transformed into a Fridge Gazpacho; she creates marinade for grilled Tex Mex Chicken and Chicken Alfredo."
"A ready-made angel food cake becomes Baked Alaska; a package of cookie dough transforms into Fruit Tarts; a round white loaf makes a Roasted Garlic Four Cheese Pull-Apart Bread; a can of tomato soup becomes Tomato Soup 2.0."
"Ree Drummond tries to win back her husband; she makes the Farmer's Breakfast, with over-easy fried eggs, honey-glazed ham, fried sausage and bacon, plus crispy bits potatoes and sticky buns: Ree versus her own restaurant."
"Ladd and his father look forward to a slap-up cowboy spread; Ree makes a PW steak rub to sprinkle over breakfast steaks; side dish: breakfast grits with bacon and jalapenos; a can of Ree's mom's classic apple dumplings."
"Cooking up ranch style Tex Mex Cheese Enchiladas for her father-in-law and his team; Individual Pina Coladas Tres Leches Cakes; simple, perfect Chili to warm up Ladd and the kids; Mango and Virgin Margaritas for cocktail hour."
"A collection of summertime recipes from over the years; a shortcut ice cream pie with easy caramel sauce; a panzanella makes a go-to summer salad; gazpacho with juicy shrimp; turning juicy berries into strawberry salsa for grilled chicken tacos."
Season 17 - The Pioneer Woman
"Ree Drummond serves a packed lunch, known to cowboys, thru a drive-through; she prepares ranch hand sandwiches filled with pop-pulled pork and a bunch of tasty fixins; a side of homemade spicy sweet potato chips; a cup of refreshing cowboy fruit salad with a subtle chili kick triple-chocolate cow pies."
"It's Ree Drummond's birthday, and she's celebrating by making over some of her all-time recipes and road-testing them for social media. She starts with mini-turkey meatloaves, then remixes mac and cheese with cauliflower."
Season 18 - The Pioneer Woman
"Chocolate mint iced cookies decorated with swirls of snow white royal icing; browned butter sugar cookies that become the base for cookie jam pies; next-level chocolate chip cookies with bacon and caramel corn; no-bake cookies."
"Ree reclaims kitchen scraps and transforms them into five-star dishes. Recipes include Roasted Potato Peels, Stir Fried Broccoli Stems, Overnight Chicken Broth, Crisper Cash Frittata and Leftover Fruit Bread."
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