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The Incredible Dr. Pol - Season 11 Episode 8

The Pol's Friesian horse, Anneke, gives birth to a small colt.

Episode: 8/6 eps

Duration: 44 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 8.7

Season 11 - The Incredible Dr. Pol
"Charles takes a short vacation, so the Pol's two grandchildren help them out at the office and on farm calls for a day. They deal with overgrown reindeer toes, infections, a lame horse with choke, a dog spay, broken bones on a calf and bunny, a worm infestation and nursing puppy problems."
"Neither rain nor snow can stand in the way of the team at the clinic. But this year, the weather is putting them to the test! Meanwhile, the veterinarians respond to an array of wild cases, including a huge, rambunctious boar with razor-sharp tusks, a nea"
"This week, animals are ailing and the doctors are determined. From a potbelly pig to hurt horses and injured cats, it's as busy a week as ever for the staff at Pol Veterinary Services. There's a birthday to celebrate too!"
"The team at Pol Veterinary Services deal with animal attacks, breakaway bovines and slick sheep."
"The Pol's Friesian horse, Anneke, gives birth to a small colt."
"Pol Veterinary Services take a recently graduated vet under their wing, as they flip-n-stitch a cow, clamp bull calves \"jewels\", tube a colicky horse and treat a rescue rooster with Bumblefoot."
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