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Survivor - Season 24 Episode 15

All 18 Survivors return to discuss the game at the live finale.

Episode: 15/15 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2000

IMDb: 7

Season 24 - Survivor
"It's a battle of the sexes when tribes are separated into men versus women, but they are in dismay when they learn of a game-changing twist - they must share one beach. Meanwhile, castaways are shocked when a tribe's true colors are revealed at a competitive immunity challenge."
"Castaways jump off the deep end in an Immunity Challenge that requires a delicate balance. Meanwhile, a group of misfits band together, finding an unlikely leader."
"Weathering the harsh elements sparks new battles between the sexes, and poor communication leaves castaways scrambling at a frustration-filled Immunity Challenge."
"An unforgivable betrayal forces one tribe to make a drastic move that has never been done before in Survivor history, and an electrifying Tribal Council leaves several castaways speechless."
"It's no longer men versus women when a new tribe of \"Greek Gods\" emerges, and two castaways shake up their entire tribe with an award-winning performance."
"One Survivor's fate seems sealed as they are the odd one out on their tribe but an unexpected medical emergency shakes up their tribe. Meanwhile, one tribe enjoys a super sweet reward, elevating their spirits."
"With even numbers in their new tribe, it's anyone's game at the start of the challenge. Meanwhile, a clue to the hidden immunity idol leads one Survivor to new security and an argument between two former allies threatens to end their alliance."
"The men begin to feel uneasy about their position in the tribe and try to get a woman voted out before another guy is sent home. Meanwhile, an alliance of three is solidified at a reward challenge, planning their journey to the final 3."
"After the previous night's vote, the men continue to be uncomfortable with the growing strength of the women. Meanwhile, the dominant alliance continues to plan its path to the end and the threat of a hidden immunity idol resurfaces."
"Reeling from the last vote, one Survivor finds them self alone on the island, fighting to the death for the immunity necklace. Then the result of the immunity challenge forces some Survivors to rearrange their game plan."
"With the dominant alliance feeling secure after the last night's vote, those on the outs seem to have little time left in the game. Then, one Survivor's choice of company on their reward causes another member of their alliance to question their loyalty."
"After having dominated the game for so long, the strongest alliance begins to turn on itself as they consider blindsiding one of their closest teammates. At the same time, a loved ones challenge reveals the true nature of one of the castaways."
"As the final days of the game draw nearer, everyone is starting to consider who they'd like to sit with at the end. The reward challenge brings up the possibility of another Survivor going home for their choice of company on the reward."
"It's down to the final 5 women. As they compete in their final immunity challenges, fighting for a spot at the final tribal council, old alliances are questioned and everyone starts to think about who they could beat at the final vote."
"All 18 Survivors return to discuss the game at the live finale."
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