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Survivor - Season 16 Episode 6

One castaway's medical emergency changes the course of the game for the remaining castaways.

Episode: 6/14 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2000

IMDb: 7

Season 16 - Survivor
"For the first time in Survivor history, a tribe of idolizing ultra-Fans is surprised when they come face-to-face with a tribe of Favorites from Survivor's past."
"The sounds of two castaways smooching through the night keeps one tribe awake."
"The Fans finally get the matchup they've been waiting for when they learn they must compete head-to-head in a full contact battle with the Favorites."
"One castaway carves a fake immunity idol out of a piece of wood in order to replace the real idol they found on Exile Island."
"After battling each other as Fans vs. Favorites, the tribes finally switch."
"One castaway's medical emergency changes the course of the game for the remaining castaways."
"After the reward challenge, one castaway is torn between staying true to their tribe or going home to their loved ones."
"After the tribes merge, the Fans are outnumbered by the Favorites."
"Desperate for friends and allies, one castaway sacrifices immunity in order to stay in the game."
"A Fan emerges as a real game player after devising a plan that threatens to sacrifice one of their own."
"One castaway goes from being a power player to the most desperate of all before making a huge discovery that could change the course of the game."
"The women on the tribe use their powers of seduction to test the only man remaining in the game. Will he fight temptation or will it cost him the game?"
"What started as an epic battle between Fans versus Favorites comes to a dramatic end."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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Laura Mitchell | Telecommande SOMFY Telis RTS 1 Pure (remote control) | 1 - 6 Episódio 6