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Survivor - Season 11 Episode 6

The castaways are informed that both tribes will vote a member out.

Episode: 6/15 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2000

IMDb: 7

Season 11 - Survivor
"Sixteen castaways hike through 11 miles of rugged Guatemalan jungle to find Maya ruins and a big surprise."
"Starvation and intense heat have weakened the Survivors shortly before an intense physical Challenge."
"Avoiding the warnings, some castaways bathe in the crocodile-infested waters."
"The tribes are shuffled, and one Survivor's toe gets nibbled."
"The winners of the Reward Challenge receive a crocodile-proof pool."
"The castaways are informed that both tribes will vote a member out."
"One tribe decides to visit the other tribe's camp."
"The hunt begins for the second Immunity idol hidden in the Guatemalan jungle."
"The search for the hidden Immunity Idol intensifies."
"One castaway\u00c3\u0082's inability to perform at the Reward Challenge blows it for the entire team."
"Having not been consulted about the last Tribal Council vote, Judd becomes increasingly paranoid that his alliance may be in jeopardy."
"A bidding war breaks out at an auction when family members and loved ones show up unannounced."
"One castaway who wins a car must decide if they believe in the \"car curse.\""
"With only three days left, the Final Four face off in an intense battle to make it to the end."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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