Not Going Out

Not Going Out reveals the many childish antics of witty smart aleck Lee among his friends and family in and around London.

Duration:30 mins

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Season 1 - Not Going Out
"Unambitious,easy-going Lee shares a flat with his more go-getting Californian landlady Kate,who suggests that ,as an outlet for his skills,he joins a class teaching people to become clowns. In the event she ends up attending it herself though with little success. Lee meanwhile dates a serious authoress Lucy,who is a client of Kate's publishing firm and Tim,Lee's dippy best friend uses Lee's absence to try and get back with ex-girlfriend Kate - but with even less success."
"Tim's nonagenarian grandmother dies and when Lee omits to tell Kate she accuses him of suppressing his emotions. As a result he goes to see a female therapist who discloses that the root of his emotional problem is his latent feeling for Kate. However he holds back as, at the funeral Kate comforts Tim,who uses the opportunity,again unsuccessfully,to get back with her."
"Kate's Australian friend Ruth is coming to stay and Kate is envious because she has always seen her as far more successful than herself. Since she has omitted to tell Ruth that she and Tim have split up and does not want to appear a failure at relationships she persuades Lee to pretend to be Tim - but things get rather complicated when they have to share a bed and the real Tim is far from happy."
"Lee is teaching Kate to drive but she is not a responsive pupil and this is stressing him out. She gives him a yoga session to calm him but no avail and his visit to the acupuncturist is equally unsuccessful so he resorts to tranquilizers. This is not the best of ideas when he goes for a spin in the car with Kate and Tim."
"Kate agrees to take in fourteen-year-old Nicky for a few days whilst his parents attend a wedding in the West Indies. Whilst Nicky bonds with the more juvenile Tim he and lee do not get on and the presence of Nicky's great Dane does not help since Lee is allergic to dogs. However Lee agrees the dog can stay provided that Nicky,who has sensed Lee's attraction to Kate,keeps quiet about it. This works better than Kate's efforts to give the dog vegetarian food."
"Lee gets a job as a caretaker but he has his own accommodation thrown in and reluctantly moves out of the flat - to Tim's great glee. However his new boss is a hard task-master and he and Kate miss each other so that Lee throws in the job and puts off prospective tenant Pete in order to move back in with Kate."
Season 2 - Not Going Out
"Kate returns to America and Tim puts the flat on the market,hiring Barbara,a cleaner who spends more time making wry comments than actually cleaning. Lee is hopeful to buy the flat himself and tries for a mortgage but ultimately,when he fails, Tim sells it to Lucy, whom Lee liked when she came as a potential tenant, and who turns out to be Tim's sister. Once again Lee finds himself with a resident landlady."
"Having told work colleague Guy, whom people believe to be gay, that she is not homophobic and has a gay flat mate, Tim's sister Lucy asks Lee to pretend that he is gay. Guy has his doubts and tests Lee by taking him to a gay club, but Tim is suspicious and Lee explains to him about the pretence. They are overheard by Guy, who is also straight - and starting to date Lucy."
"Lee is annoyed that Guy,who is older than Lucy,has more or less moved into the flat,walking about in the nude and sees his chance to prove Guy's lack of worth when he discovers that Guy owns a lap-dancing club. Tim is dating a staid librarian but gets a shock when she proves to be one of the lap-dancers,which leads to their splitting up. Lucy also splits with Guy but gets back with him on the proviso that they take things more slowly."
"Lucy is concerned about the age gap between herself and Guy, who has a grown-up daughter, Chloe. Whem Chloe is rushed to hospital Lucy and Guy visit, leaving Chloe's baby with Lee and Tim. Disaster strikes when they think that the child has swallowed a Subbuteo football and they think of ways to retrieve it, though it turns out to have been a false alarm."
"In order to impress two arty friends of Lucy, Fliss and Toby, Lee claims to have an Open University degree in Art and a knowledge of the subject. When Barbara tells him about a promising young Polish sculptor, who is bound to be big, Lee persuades Lucy to buy some of his work for an exhibition but nobody buys it as he not popular after all, just somebody for whom Barbara cleans - and then Barbara herself accidentally breaks the sculptures."
"Barbara and Lucy encourage Lee to go speed dating as they feel he needs a girl-friend. He meets Daisy,an indecisive hair-dresser and invites her back to the flat for dinner but she dumps him anyway. Tim is forced to take Barbara on a date to show that he regards her as more than the hired help after some tactless words whilst Guy is in Thailand which means Lucy is having frequent long distance calls with him."
"Lee and Tim get it into their heads that Guy is a gangster who smuggles diamonds into the country after a suspicious package arrives at the flat though it turns out that he is secretly having an engagement ring made up to propose to Lucy. Lucy and Guy arrive at the airport to go to Sicily on holiday and Guy asks Lucy to marry him but she refuses as she finds him too controlling so he spends the holiday on his own. Lee is not sorry."
"Geooffrey and Wendy, Tim and Lucy's parents,arrive to spend Christmas at the flat whilst Tim brings Daisy,now his girlfriend,and Barbara stays on to help with the catering. Lee has bought a murder mystery game which involves dressing up and role play but half-way through Geoffrey and Tim argue and Lee has to persuade Geoffrey to calm down and resume the game in order to identify the murderer."
Season 3 - Not Going Out
"Lucy believes that she is pregnant and,since her split from Guy,there is only one other person likely to be the putative father - Lee. Lee is not quite sure how it happened but is warming to the idea of being a father. Tim is not so much warming as seething,at the idea of Lee getting married to his sister."
"Lee wins a cheque for a thousand pounds after his article Disability in the Work-Place wins a magazine contest. Lucy is very impressed by the tenderness of the writing but Tim is ever cynical,particularly as Lee is extremely conceited about his win. This however will soon end when Dawn,a journalist,comes to interview him about his win and finds out that he is not disabled after all."
"When an overexcited Lee and Tim invite the new lesbian couple over for dinner, their adolescent attempts to interact with the two lesbian women backfires when Lucy finds herself intrigued by the prospect also."
"Lucy wants to go to Venice for her upcoming birthday but Tim and Lee plan a surprise party,which is no surprise because she finds out about it. Perturbed that so many couples have been invited and not wanting to be the singleton she brings work colleague Robin to pose as her boyfriend but when he starts coming on to her it's time for Lee to save her with the aid of the chocolate fountain."
"When Lee goes to complain about the noise from the man in the flat above he is confronted by a literally ugly customer who threatens and intimidates him so that when Lucy announces that she has left a note telling the man to be quiet a nervous Tim and Lee go to retrieve it but end up trashing the man's flat. Simulating a burglary they trash Lee's flat too but when the neighbour comes down to beat Lee up Tim's sessions at the gym - and the steroids - come to his rescue."
"Despite allowing Lee to pose as her P.A. when she goes to meet two potential clients Lucy impresses them sufficiently that they come to see her give a speech at a recruitment conference. Unfortunately she has also allowed Lee to write the speech for her,which goes down like a lead balloon - until she discards it to speak in her own words,thus winning the contract. (The fact that she was wearing no knickers probably helped too.)"
"Lucy is moved by the sad stories told her by Pavel,the handsome Eastern European who mended her car,and in order to prevent his being deported back to cruel uncertainty in his homeland,agrees to marry him. To Lee's horror, Geoffrey,Wendy and Tim all succumb to Pavel's account of his plight and uphold the idea of the wedding. Lee himself almost gives in too but comes up with a cunning plan that will save Pavel,make Barbara happy and keep Lucy free for him."
"Lee gets a surprise visit from Frank, the father who walked out on his family thirty-five years earlier and who never paid any maintenance. Lee is hostile but Lucy urges him to forgive and forget. It is Christmas after all and Frank has terminal cancer and a hospital letter to prove it. But can Lee trust the man who ate his goldfish and made him take a drink-driving rap aged twelve? At least he gets to kiss Lucy under the mistletoe, which is the best Christmas present of all."
Season 4 - Not Going Out
"With Lucy not pregnant and Barbara married to Pavel and out of the picture life should be simple but Tim ensures the opposite when he returns from a night-club wearing the wrong coat - with heroin in the pocket. He and Lee return the coat and its contents to the presumed rightful owner but they have just given free drugs to the wrong man and have to spend eight grand buying more to appease the real owner,a murderous butcher who is not pleased to find that the dealer has played a trick on him. Could Daisy be an unlikely saviour as the butcher gets serious with Tim and ..."
"Nineteen-year old Debbie turns up at the flat and arranges to meet Lee,whom she believes to be her father following a one night stand with her late mother at a party twenty years earlier. This was the party where Lee first met Tim,who then looked like 'a cross between Gloria Hunniford and a white Michael Jackson' and he too could be the putative father. When DNA results seem to exclude either it is fortunate that Lucy remembers a traumatic experience she had as an eight year old - which solves the mystery."
"Lucy is approached by a film director to lease the flat out for a day for five hundred pounds. She refuses but Lee goes behind her back and,while she is at work,lets Mike and his actors in. However,it is a porn film and,whilst Tim promises not to tell Lucy so long as he has a walk-on part,Lee's taunts cause the male lead to quit. As a result he finds himself forced to take over the role. Will it all be in the can before Lucy gets back or will he be -literally - exposed to her anger?"
"When Lucy's parents,Wendy and Geoffrey,split,Geoffrey moves into the flat,banishing Lee to the couch. When Lucy suggests that Lee may have to move out if Geoffrey's stay is permanent and Daisy points out that Lee could win a place in Lucy's heart if he resolved the situation,Lee puts on his dancing shoes. The row was after all because Geoffrey refused to take Wendy ballroom dancing but,if he saw her trip the light fantastic with another man,he might get jealous enough to cut in."
"On the morning of November the Fifth a cantankerous old lady called Betty wanders into the flat,insisting she lives there. She tells him that she is always wandering off and her very rich son rewards the people who bring her back. Lee could do with the cash to buy fireworks to impress Lucy so he and Tim walk her round the streets with the sign 'Do You Know This Woman?' until an acquaintance of Betty tells them that she lives in a very big house. Will Lee get the money or will virtue bring its own reward as he invites Betty to his roof-top firework display?"
"After being hit by a car Lee sinks into a coma where he dreams that he is being cared for by an extremely amorous Lucy and that Tim gives their relationship his blessing. Things turn sour when Lee's father enters the dream in a number of guises and,after her marriage to Lee,Lucy gives birth to a number of fully-dressed children,forcing Lee to be the bread-winner. When he eventually wakes up will he be able to tell Lucy about the dream and will she be as accommodating in real life?"
Season 5 - Not Going Out
"When Lee discovers that Tim is fronting rock band the Auditors he goes along to heckle but is surprised that they are good and Lee is jealous - particularly when guitarist Stretch hits it off with Lucy. He gets a job as the band's roadie but a meeting with Stretch's ex-girlfriend enables him to discover Stretch's real motives for his involvement, leading to Lee making his rock star debut and farewell performance at the same time."
"When Lee's scrounging father Frank turns up in a wheelchair claiming to have been discharged from hospital after being hit by a bus Lucy and her family think that Lee is hard-hearted in not administering to the supposed invalid. Frank realises this and tells Lee that,if he makes a fuss of him,Lucy will have a higher opinion of him and Lee falls for it. Frank is of course faking his injuries but Lucy does indeed give Lee a little respect for trying to be helpful - though only a little,of course."
"In an effort to show the others that he is not a wimp who needs his creature comforts, Lee agrees to accompany Tim, Lucy and Daisy on a camping weekend. Unfortunately Tim's car breaks down in a spooky wood and a number of sinister people wearing clown masks surround the would-be campers. After much deliberation as to his manliness Lee gets out and unmasks one of the clowns, discovering that he is one of a group of elderly voyeurs who have come to watch couples have sex, as the car has broken down in a part of the wood well-known for 'dogging'."
"Lee trains for a charity run to impress Lucy but gets injured and,answering a card in a shop window,gets Polish masseuse Claudia round to the flat for a sports massage. Unfortunately she is actually a hooker and Lucy is not pleased when she walks in on them. To impress upon Lucy his innocent misunderstanding Lee takes a reluctant Tim in search of Claudia,leading to their being arrested for kerb crawling and ending up three in a bed with Claudia before all is satisfactorily explained."
"Lucy is working on a men's health initiative and suggests Lee check 'downstairs' for lumps. When his testicles seem to be unnaturally swollen Lee visits a doctor but,put off by the fact that she is a woman,drags Tim along to a sauna to assess what size normal testicles should be , leading to an embarrassing encounter before he gets the all clear."
"When Lucy claims no recollection of kissing a stranger because she was drunk Lee challenges the notion that people forget things due to drink and they conduct an experiment,knocking back a bottle of 85% proof home-made hooch. Next morning they wake up in bed together and slowly recall that they may have made a sex tape,which has somehow been swapped with Daisy and Tim's holiday video. Drastic action is called for to reclaim it but they are too late and must sit down with Lucy's parents to watch the film and learn the truth."
Season 6 - Not Going Out
"Lucy's elation at securing a business deal quickly evaporates when she accidentally runs over Button,the pet rabbit belonging to client Paul's daughter Sophie. Lee agrees to take the blame but on returning the corpse discovers it is another,wild rabbit she also killed. They decide to buy a replacement and go to a pet shop where they narrowly avoid meeting Paul and Sophie so that the contract looks as if it can be saved - until Lucy and Lee pay another visit to Paul."
"Lee,Daisy and Lucy are on a skiing holiday but Lucy has had an accident,putting her arms in plaster. The three of them are in a cable car which gets stuck over the piste,their fellow occupant being a heavily pregnant woman who speaks little English. With Lucy incapacitated and Daisy obsessed with a stray bird it is down to Lee to act as midwife - which he does admirably even though he was not expecting triplets."
"When Lucy starts a course learning to be a psychotherapist Lee is predictable cynical so she decides to use him in an experiment. She has him visit his father Frank to find out what happened in the past to doom their relationship. It turns out that Frank never wanted to have a son - it was just that the condom broke - and that Lee was a problem child who caused his parents' marital break-up. For all that a kind of reconciliation follows."
"Lucy attends a three day conference to acquire new business clients but jealous Lee assumes she is out to get a boyfriend and,forging a pass,gets in to stop her,posing as her husband. Inevitably this fails so Daisy urges him to return and declare his feelings,which he does,claiming to be her father and accompanied by her mother. However this incurs the wrath of her real father Geoffrey and loses her the deal she was after."
"Lee is desperate to make Lucy jealous so he goes on a date with marriage-obsessed Rachel,taking her to a high class restaurant where he crosses swords with a lordly waiter. Finding Rachel odd Lee nonetheless continues taking her to the same restaurant. Back at the flat Rachel gets very amorous with Lee and - almost - succeeds in making Lucy jealous."
"Wendy and Geoffrey recruit Lucy,Daisy and Lee to join their amateur dramatics group,performing a Victorian-style melodrama called 'The Kiss' and written by Lucy's pretentious first love Scott. Jealous that Lucy and Scott are hitting it off on stage Lee attacks Scott and gets sacked from the play. However,come the first night,he reappears and uses the fiction to show Lucy how he really feels about her."
"Lucy's god daughter Nancy is dumped on her on the eve of her ninth birthday party,to which her unruly friends have been invited. To impress Lucy Lee offers a magic display in the guise of clown Wiggly Bob but,thanks to Daisy,he fails to pay Steve, the sinister magic shop owner for the props hired on approval,with the result that Steve sabotages the big stunt,an escapology act,which leaves Lee and Lucy stuck in a locked chest. Fortunately Daisy comes to their rescue and the birthday party goes ahead,with a somewhat fiery climax."
"Frank suggests Lee spends a weekend on his boat,along with Daisy and Lucy - which he accepts when it means he and Lucy will be sharing a double bunk. The platonic bunk-sharing goes well but next morning the boat has slipped its moorings and drifted out to sea and Frank,unaware of this,has hacked a hole in it to claim the insurance. The group is saved by Marshall,the boat's life raft but,back on dry land,Lucy tells Lee she never wants another date with him."
"Lee invites Lucy and her parents and Daisy for Christmas at his late aunt Maureen's country house, which appears haunted though Lee tidies it up, burning a rocking-chair. This seemingly housed the ghost of a young boy and in the night ghostly music is heard - though it turns out to be provided by Lee's father Frank. Between them they discover the identity of the 'ghost', a childhood friend of Lee called Ralph - or so they think until Frank provides the answer to their questions."
Season 7 - Not Going Out
"Returning home from the cinema Lucy and Lee are mugged. Lucy feels Lee could have been more heroic so he joins a gym to learn boxing but in his first fight he is beaten b a little girl. He hopes to impress Lucy by doing a deal with the robbers but this does not work out. However his visit to the gym does - albeit in a roundabout way."
"Lee is forced to go to a christening with Lucy."
"Lucy is feeling broody and asks Lee to help her have children."
"Envious of their interesting life style Lucy befriends Anna and Toby though Lee feels left out so Daisy suggests he invites then to a dinner party . This he does, pretending to be a successful business man with tickets for an upcoming charity event. Feeling sorry for him - and admitting to being hen-pecked - Toby gets the tickets for him and allows Lee to take the credit. Unfortunately at the charity dinner Lee gets very drunk and the lie is exposed but when he takes to the stage to sing Lucy's praises and Anna criticizes him Lucy realizes which of the two's ..."
"In an attempt to impress Lucy with his intellectual prowess, Lee joins Daisy as a contestant on the TV quiz show Pointless."
"Franks drinking becomes a problem and forces Lee and Lucy to reassess the living arrangements in the flat."
"Lucy's surprise party for her parents anniversary must remain a secret or it won't be a surprise - until Lee finds out"
"Flying off on a summer holiday, Lucy and Daisy endure the worst flight of their lives when Lee gets a bad case of the jitters on the plane."
"Lee spends time in the bar with Toby worrying that the woman of his dreams is drifting further away."
"Lee's dad, Frank, takes Lee on his stag night the night before Lee and Lucy's wedding, which causes some serious problems for the pair and Lucy's dad, Geoffrey, the following morning. Will the three men make it to the wedding on time?"
"Lee and, a heavily pregnant, Lucy are out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve when they get caught up in a robbery in a department store."
Season 8 - Not Going Out
"Lee and Lucy are now married with three young children, Molly, Benji and Charlie, but Lucy's unwillingness to leave the children with strangers means the couple have no social life and they argue when she forgets their wedding anniversary.. When her parents agree to baby-sit it allows for a romantic evening which unfortunately ends in an argument though a little role play manages to restore the romance."
"Anna gives Lucy two tickets for the ballet but she is stuck for a baby-sitter so Lee asks his father frank to oblige, despite Lucy's objections, given Frank's drinking habit. However he turns out to be very efficient so they engage him again. Unfortunately he seem to have taught the children swear words so Lucy dispenses with his services even though he swears his innocence. A stand-off with Lucy's parents exonerates Frank and puts Geoffrey in a bad light, pushing Lucy into deciding who she wants to baby-sit in future."
"The family sets out to drive to France for a wedding but the children's whining and car-sickness and a traffic jam are doing nothing for Lee's nerves. Lucy is questioning whether the bikes on the roof-rack contravene height rules and George at the ferries' call centre confirms this. With the car reaching Dover at the last possible minute for the deadline only Lucy's skill at improvisation can get the family on board in time for the crossing."
"Lee and Lucy play hot tub fantasy date with Anna and Toby, causing them to end up in hot water."
"Lee and Lucy are called in by their 7-year old son Charlie's teacher who complains of his disruptive behaviour in class . Lucy defends him but Lee is concerned the child may end up like him, likewise the class clown, and a chat with Charlie reveals that he is trying to impress a little girl in his form. His improved behaviour allows him to enter a story he has written into a competition judged by a visiting children's author Johnny Lucas. And after a meeting with Lucas, Lee knows exactly how his son can impress the visitor."
"When Lee complains about Lucy's idolizing her parents' 'perfect' marriage Anna suggests Lucy takes him to marriage guidance, which has helped her and Toby. Lee is sceptical but accompanies Lucy to see a counsellor but his flippant comments only serve to make him feel guilty. So he agrees to cooking a special meal for in-laws Geoffrey and Wendy but Geoffrey is suspicious of such kindness, a situation which ultimately reveals that he and Wendy themselves needed to see marriage guidance after he had had an affair. Following this admission Lee remains triumphant."
"Lee is feeling broody but Lucy is not keen for another child so Toby advises Lee to apply reverse psychology, suggesting that he goes along with her wishes - which works until Anna puts Lucy wise to Lee's tactics. This leads to Lucy calling Lee's bluff and suggesting a vasectomy, which Toby endorses, having had one himself. Ultimately Lee and Lucy eschew their friends' advice and make their own decisions."
Season 9 - Not Going Out
"When her parents go on holiday Lucy persuades Lee to help her tidy up after the builders in their new kitchen extension but within minutes Lee has ruined their artificial lawn. He manages to replace it and wipe the CCTV evidence but the plan is not foolproof - as he discovers."
"For Lee's birthday surprise Lucy arranges a puzzle game for them, their parents and Anna and Toby. They are locked in a cellar and have to escape before a hypothetical bomb - to which Lee is hand-cuffed - explodes. Frank annoys Geoffrey by spotting more clues than him but then the party discovers that the organizer is a crazed, vengeful loser and that the bomb may be real. They have only seconds left to save themselves . . ."
"When their son's toy key ring is missing Lee and Lucy blame Anna and Toby's son Jack. Jack appears to be innocent but Lee is unconvinced and steals the key ring back. Then Anna arrives with an announcement which requires a stealth mission, ending in embarrassment."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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