Beat Bobby Flay

Two talented chefs go head-to-head for the chance to Beat Bobby Flay. To get to Bobby the chefs must first face off against each other, creating a spectacular dish with a secret ingredient of Bobby's choice. Judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Jeff...

Duration:30 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Kentucky chef Anthony Lamas and Washington chef Jennifer Nguyen leave the comfort of their own kitchens and bring the battle to the Big Apple for a chance to beat Bobby Flay."
"Matthew Raiford, a self-declared \"chefarmer\" from Georgia, competes against Boston chef Karen Akunowicz, for the chance to battle Bobby Flay in his own kitchen. Choosing Flay's opponent are Michael Symon and Simon Majumdar, both offering advice on how to beat Flay."
"It's an East Coast battle as New Yorker Brian Tsao and Maryland's Adam Harvey duke it out. Alex Guarnaschelli and Anne Burrell try to whip these contenders into shape as only one will get the opportunity to Beat Bobby Flay."
"Cancer survivor Steve McHugh competes against 6 ft. 7 in. former rock star, Brian Young, for the chance to beat Bobby Flay in the kitchen, but first they have to impress judges Giada De Laurentiis and Mo Rocca."
"Eden Grinshpan and Justin Warner work together to determine whether farm girl Rochelle Bilow or city boy Paul Denamiel has the best shot at beating Bobby Flay."
"Celebrity caterer Kimberly Van Kline takes on chef Christopher Lee in a battle to beat Bobby Flay. Judging their culinary performances are Alex Guarnaschelli and Jack McDavid."
"Chef Michael Symon and comedian Alexandra Wentworth pick who should face Bobby Flay, after tasting dishes prepared by Kamal Rose and Shannon Bard."
"Up-and-comer Brooke Mallory takes on the more experienced Andrew Evans for a chance to beat Bobby Flay. Judging their dishes are Scott Conant and Katie Lee."
Season 2 - Beat Bobby Flay
"In the Season 2 premiere, a crab claw king battles a tattooed butcher for the chance to cook against Bobby Flay. The winning chef is chosen by Scott Conant and Geoffrey Zakarian."
"Chef Neal Fraser, a former \"Iron Chef America\" winner from Los Angeles, goes up against chef Jason Santos, a blue-haired Boston chef, in a battle judged by Giada De Laurentiis and Michael Symon."
"Sunny Anderson and Jet Tila choose between fusion chef Matthew Britt and culinary rebel Tyler Anderson, both from New England, when conspiring to beat Bobby Flay."
"Two Brooklyn chefs each set out to prove to Chris Santos and Anne Burrell why they are the worthy contender to cook against Bobby Flay."
"Alton Brown and Daphne Oz have to choose who will battle Bobby Flay, as they observe chefs from New York and Los Angeles contend for the honor."
"Marc Murphy and Katie Lee choose between two female chefs, who are gunning for the chance to beat Bobby Flay."
"Ted Allen and Alex Guarnaschelli are tasked with finding a worthy opponent for Bobby Flay, as they oversee a battle between a street-food king and a Midwestern chef."
"A battle, pitting East Coast vs. West Coast, is decided by Judah Friedlander and Michael Symon."
"A contender for Bobby Flay is chosen by frequent Iron Chef America: The Series (2005) judges, Simon Majumdar and Donatella Arpaia."
"Alton Brown and Anne Burrell bring in their hand-selected chefs, Heather West and Florian Wehrli, to beat Bobby Flay."
"Sunny Anderson and Katie Lee determine whether muscle man Mychael Bonner or old-school Italian chef Anna Maria Santorelli has what it takes to take on Bobby Flay."
"Iron Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Symon oversee a tense battle between two prominent names in New York's culinary scene."
"Geoffrey Zakarian and Jeff Mauro play the tricks, while a culinary instructor and restaurateur serve the treats in a Halloween battle."
Season 3 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Italian-born Patrick D'Andrea competes against his Canadian compatriot, Rob Feenie, for the chance to beat Bobby Flay."
"It's California vs. cowboy cuisine, when Raphael Lunetta compete against Jake Gandolfo for the chance to beat Bobby Flay."
"A Thanksgiving battle features Geoffrey Zakarian and Chrissy Teigen deciding between master chef Julieta Ballesteros and farm-raised chef Kat Ploszaj for the chance to take on Bobby Flay."
"Michael Symon and Giada De Laurentiis decide between chefs from Italy and Texas."
"Brooke Burke-Charvet and Alton Brown determine whether a chef with beach flare or a native New Yorker will take on Bobby in the kitchen."
"Anne Burrell and Scott Conant try to spoil Bobby Flay's Christmas, with their choice for a competitor to take him on in the kitchen."
"Fusion chef Damien O'Donnell mixes it up against Mexican-born chef Adrian Leon. In their corner are Chopped judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Scott Conant, who will determine who has what it takes to Beat Bobby Flay."
"Michael Voltaggio and Simon Majumdar decide between a former pastry chef turned savory chef and a rising star on the New Hampshire culinary scene."
"Jonathan Waxman and Aar\u00c3\u00b3n S\u00c3\u00a1nchez hope to beat Bobby Flay, by pitting him against either a veteran chef with 30 years experience or a star on the New England culinary scene."
"Jeff Mauro and Justin Warner, both former winners of The Next Food Network Star (2005), have a say when it comes to who will compete against Bobby Flay."
"The Kitchen (2014)'s Sunny Anderson and Chopped (2007)'s Ted Allen have Bobby Flay in their sights. Chef and grill-master Victor Albisu takes on competition-junkie chef Eddie Tancredi, but who will have what it takes to face Bobby?"
"Alex Guarnaschelli and Alton Brown cheer on as a former bodybuilder and a New York chef vie for the chance to beat Bobby Flay."
"Scott Conant and Geoffrey Zakarian seek redemption, when they return to the arena, looking for a big win against Bobby Flay. They must choose between Robert Hesse and Michael Jenkins."
Season 4 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Global chef David de Castro competes against the Japanese-born Taichi Kitamura, for the honor of taking on Bobby Flay, in a battle overseen by Giada De Laurentiis and Michael Symon."
"Alex Guarnaschelli and Katie Lee attempt to turn up the heat on Bobby Flay, as Brooklyn-born chef Jen Biesty and self-taught chef Chris Lamphier duke it out in the kitchen."
"A naval chef faces some serious competition, when she fights for the chance to cook against Bobby Flay."
"A young chef competes against a Japanese superstar for the chance to take down Bobby Flay."
"Two self-taught chefs compete for the chance to dethrone Bobby Flay, but first they must impress David Burtka and Alex Guarnaschelli."
"A Southern chef competes against a New Englander for the chance to prove their skills against Bobby Flay, but first they have to show Katie Lee and Simon Majumdar they have what it takes to battle a master."
"Curtis Stone and Michael Symon try to rattle Bobby as chefs from Rhode Island and New York compete to cook against the Food Network star."
"A culinary whiz kid gets into a slugfest with a no-nonsense chef, as they cook to impress Tamron Hall and Ted Allen."
"A Mother's Day battle features female chefs Kathy Cary and Shanna Horner O'Hea, who are looking to represent moms, everywhere."
"Vietnamese-born chef Thoa Nguyen battles high-end chef Jason Hippen, as Anne Burrell and Scott Conant contemplate the difficult question of who can beat Bobby Flay."
"Sunny Anderson and Simon Majumdar will determine whether musician\/chef Eugene Jones or up-and-comer chef Christopher Wall will win a culinary skirmish, for chance to take down Bobby Flay."
"It's a grilling battle between chefs Dominic Zumpano and Angelo Sosa, who compete to impress Debi Mazar and Michael Symon and make their way into the final battle with Bobby Flay."
Season 5 - Beat Bobby Flay
"New England bad boy Will Gilson pits his modern cuisine against the fusion fare of Navy vet Lawrence Males, in a battle overseen by Damaris Phillips and Alex Guarnaschelli."
"A Father's Day battle finds Scott Conant and Haylie Duff having to decide between Moroccan chef Sam Marvin and New Jersey chef Gregory Torrech to compete against Bobby."
"Tre Wilcox brings high energy to a battle against Baltimore chef Sarah Acconcia, who are judged by Sunny Anderson and Giada De Laurentiis."
"Two culinary heavy hitters, Sylvia Casares and Braden Wages, battle for the chance to beat Bobby Flay, but first they need to impress Bobby's friends, Michael Symon and Daphne Oz."
"Rachael Ray and Jessica Seinfeld must pick, between chefs Brian Cartenuto and Matthew O'Neil, a chef who will challenge Bobby Flay in a battle with a Fourth of July theme."
"Veteran chefs, Linda Harrell and Kenneth Johnson, battle for the chance to show their worth against Bobby Flay, but first they have to impress Katie Lee and Geoffrey Zakarian."
"Chicago chef Jared Case takes on Greek culinary master Kouri Killmeier in a battle, to be decided by Chopped (2007) judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Amanda Freitag, to find a competitor to beat Bobby Flay."
"Ted Allen and Debi Mazar try to take down their pal Bobby Flay, but first they have to choose which golden-boy chef is up for the task, when Gio Osso and Mike Friedman compete in the kitchen."
"Tex-Mex master Gregory Webb faces off against New Jersey chef Peter Morris, in a battle to impress Geoffrey Zakarian and Scott Conant and then go on to try to defeat Bobby Flay."
"Robert Irvine and Katie Lee are the deciders when two fierce chefs, Jeanie Roland and Becca Richards, battle for the chance to take on Bobby Flay in the kitchen."
"Curtis Stone and Sunny Anderson embark on a quest to beat Bobby Flay, but first they have to pick the right man to do it. Their choice is between farm-to-fork chef Clark Barlowe and Philadelphia native Peter McAndrews, whose specialty is Italian food."
"Alex Guarnaschelli and Donatella Arpaia decide who gets a shot at to take down Bobby Flay, when Washington chef Michael Walters and Seattle chef Lisa Nakamura compete for the chance."
"New York chef Miguel Trinidad and Maine chef Brian Hill face-off for a chance to beat Bobby Flay."
Season 6 - Beat Bobby Flay
"In the Season 6 premiere, Texan Blythe Beck takes on the Dominican flavors of Angelo Sosa, when the two former competitors return for a shot at redemption. But first, they have to impress Scott Conant and Property Brothers (2011)' Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott."
"Two former contestants, silent assassin Bruce Kalman and young hotshot Jordan Andino, return for a second chance. But first, they have to impress Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro."
"Bobby's close friends, Michael Symon and Debi Mazar, visit the show to oversee a battle between Ukrainian-born chef Natasha Pogrebinsky and Alex Guarnaschelli' prot\u00c3\u00a9g\u00c3\u00a9, Michael Jenkins."
"Dallas caterer Tre Wilcox returns for a second chance to put his bold flavors up against Bobby Flay's cooking. But first he has to get past Kentucky chef Anthony Lamas and his Latin cuisine."
"Simon Majumdar and Debi Mazar surprise Bobby Flay, for Halloween, with Justin Burke-Samson and Tommy Juliano, two scarily gifted chefs, who are eager for the chance to trick the Iron Chef with their signature treats."
"An experienced New York chef takes on a self-taught master of Indian cuisine, in a battle presided over by Anne Burrell and Spike Mendelsohn."
"Alex Guarnaschelli and Katie Lee search for the right woman to beat Bobby Flay. Vying for the opportunity are Spanish-language cooking show hostess Giovanna Huyke and caterer Jennifer Bajsel."
"Turkey dishes are created in honor of Thanksgiving-and in the hopes of beating Bobby Flay. The competitors are Emmy-nominated Rhode Island chef Nick Rabar and All-American New York chef Jeff Haskel."
"In a battle pitting hotel chef Roy Breiman vs. restaurant chef Vaughn Crenshaw, Scott Conant and Willie Geist are charged with choosing the better man to go up against Bobby Flay."
"Chefs from Morocco and New Jersey vie for the chance to beat Bobby Flay. But first, they have to impress Food Network personality Alex Guarnaschelli and magician Penn Jillette."
"Chopped (2007) host Ted Allen and comedian Margaret Cho don't play by the rules when it comes to taking down Bobby Flay. To do their dirty work, they've brought in renegade chefs Diane Dimeo and Ian Russo to put culinary golden boy Bobby in his place."
"Rachael Ray and Ross Mathews aim to get Bobby Flay beat, as they oversee a battle between Washington, D.C.s 'K.N. Vinod and restaurateur Gavin Fine."
"New York chefs Amanda Freitag and Geoffrey Zakarian step into the arena with the one goal of beating Bobby Flay; chef Tim Freeman takes on Boston native chef Nookie Postal for the chance to take down the original Iron Chef."
Season 7 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Comedian Judy Gold and The Kitchen (2014) hostess Katie Lee decide whether a Las Vegas titan, Alessandro Stratta, or an Iranian chef, Houman Gohary get to compete against Bobby in a cook-off."
"Chefs John Tesar and Terry Sargent step into the arena, in the hopes of taking down Bobby Flay. Deciding who gets the honor are Cutthroat Kitchen (2013) judges Jet Tila and Simon Majumdar."
"Anne Burrell and Laila Ali decide between a former football player and a competition junkie, in a battle to take on Bobby Flay."
"Katie Lee and Damaris Phillips conspire to crush Bobby Flay on Valentine's Day. But first, they have to decide who's up to the task, in a battle of New Mexico vs. Long Island."
"Food Network vets Sunny Anderson and Alex Guarnaschelli ruffle some feathers in this epic culinary battle. Chef Mohan Ismail brings his Singaporean flare against Long Island, N.Y.-based Chef Nicole Roarke."
"It's new vs. old school, by Santa Fe chef Todd Hall and Phoenix chef Brian Archibald, in a battle of Southwestern-style cuisine, decided by chefs Michael Symon and Michael Voltaggio."
"Ted Allen and Kelsey Nixon step into the arena to decide who has the culinary gumption to take down Bobby, when Syrian chef Sanaa Abourezk battles Philadelphia's Matt Levin."
Season 8 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Alex Guarnaschelli, Michael Symon and Katie Lee conspire to turn the tables on their good friend, Bobby Flay in the Season 8 premiere."
"E. star Maria Menounos and Food Network's Scott Conant bring glitz, glamour and competition to Bobby's house, as chefs Branden Levine and Damon Gordon face off for the ultimate reward: beating Bobby Flay."
"Baltimore restaurateur Cindy Wolf and Southern belle Stacie van de Wetering are put to the test, as they aim to teach Bobby Flay ad thing or two in the kitchen. Keeping score are Anne Burrell and Curtis Stone."
"Sunny Anderson and Bobby Deen try their best to get Bobby Flay beat."
"It's a real food fight as two caterers, French Gui Alinat and Texan Kevin Ashade, put it all on the line to get to Bobby Flay. It falls on New York chefs Josh Capon and Alex Guarnaschelli to pick the strongest competitor."
"For this classic dinner party battle, Bobby's invited the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, and Neil Patrick Harris to the arena. Duking it out are Indian chef Thomas John and a blast from Bobby's past, personal chef Gail Arnold."
"Katie Lee and Simon Majumdar throw their support behind Honolulu chef Shaymus Alwin and Boston chef Jeremy Sewall, as they face off for the chance to take Bobby Flay's crown."
"Louisiana chef Robert Vasquez and South Carolina chef Aaron Rivera, hailing from below the Mason-Dixon line, compete for the chance to beat Bobby Flay."
"NFL Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis and The Next Food Network Star (2005) co-hostess Giada De Laurentiis try to intimidate Bobby Flay with Atlanta barbecue chef Jordan Wakefield and Florida chef Kenny Gilbert."
"Eddie Jackson and Jeff Mauro, two winners of The Next Food Network Star (2005), team up to take down their mentor, Bobby Flay. Their secret weapons are NYC chefs Jesse Scherker and Danny Mena, both of whom are out to show Bobby who's the real king of the Big Apple."
"Adrianne Calvo brings her Miami heat in a head-to-head battle with German native and top Pennsylvania chef Ben Thomas. Actor Anthony Anderson and The Kitchen (2014) host Jeff Mauro referee the action to decide which contender has what it takes to beat Bobby."
"Actress Diane Guerrero (Orange Is the New Black (2013)) helps The Kitchen (2014) host Geoffrey Zakarian determine who should face Bobby Flay, when Washington, D.C. chef George Rodrigues takes on classic French chef Philippe Corbet for the honor."
"Chefs Lee Frank and Joe Wolfson vie to bump Bobby Flay from the top of the charts. But first, they have to cook to impress judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Trisha Yearwood."
Season 9 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Sunny Anderson has two surprises contenders for Bobby Flay, when she shows up with his close friends, Anne Burrell and Scott Conant."
"News anchor Katie Couric and Bobby Flay's best friend, Michael Symon, team up to vet the chef, who's going to take on Flay in Round 2. The competition includes Israeli chef Michael Ginor and Charlotte culinary artist Alyssa Gorelick."
"July 4th is celebrated with fireworks in the kitchen, when Nashville chef Matt Bolus and Colorado chef Brother Luck compete for the honor of battling Bobby Flay."
"Perrey Reeves helps Scott Conant try and tarnish Bobby Flay's winning record. To that end, they have to decide whether Los Angeles chef Vikki Krinsky or a lifelong vegetarian is better suited to the task."
"Former boy bander Lance Bass and bad boy chef Michael Voltaggio team up to get the best of Bobby Flay. Their choices for toppling Bobby include Delaware chef Robbie Jester and the Garden State's French chef, James Laird."
"Katie Lee and Laura Vitale are dressed to kill Bobby Flay's record. But first, they have to decide whether to send a chef from Denver or a restaurateur from New Jersey to do the job."
"Donny Deutsch and Geoffrey Zakarian enter the arena to decide whether Iranian competition junkie Kevin Naderi or Polish Italian chef Mark Vecchitto should face off with Bobby Flay."
"Anne Burrell and Olympian Apolo Ohno go for the gold, when they pit Italian chef Michele Castelli against New England chef Brian Miller, in a battle to decide who's the strongest culinary athlete to bring down Bobby Flay."
"Sunny Anderson teams up with Grammy winner Kimberly Schlapman to beat Bobby Flay. But, first they have to decide whether a seasoned chef or one of the youngest contestants, to appear on the show, can pull it off."
"A Maine restaurateur has a personal beef to settle with Bobby Flay, who beat his partner in a prior competition. But first, he has to take down a chef and caterer and impress judges Debi Mazar and Jet Tila."
"Chef Alex Guarnaschelli teams up with sports anchor Kenny Mayne to secure a win over Bobby Flay; chefs Jeff Williams and Kevin Templeton go head-to-head."
"Haylie Duff and Curtis Stone work together to bring down their pal, Bobby Flay. But first, they must decide who's up for the challenge, when Washington, D.C. veteran Todd Gray takes on Maryland's French-trained Gabonese caterer Serge Pambo."
Season 10 - Beat Bobby Flay
"TV food stylist Jackie Rothong takes on Italian-born Matteo Boffo, each hoping to send the other one packing early. Food Network's Scott Conant and reality star Bethenny Frankel get to decide who earns a shot at taking down Bobby Flay."
"Santa Fe chef Martin Rios and proud Jersey cook Geoff Johnson compete for the opportunity to battle Bobby Flay, which one of them will win by impressing Bobby's pals, Anne Burrell and Mario Cantone."
"Two Texas pastry chefs cross their fingers that they get less tricks and more treats, for this Halloween-theme battle overseen by Bobby's pals, Sunny Anderson and Laura Vitale."
"Toni Sapienza and Rodney Murillo, two tough as nails Italian chefs, are out to make Bobby see red, white and green, in a battle overseen by HGTV's Kitchen Cousins (2011) Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri and Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli."
"It's Columbian flair vs. Asian fusion, when Michael Che, of Saturday Night Live (1975) fame, teams up with Food Network host Geoffrey Zakarian in hopes of seeing their chosen chef beat Bobby Flay."
"A Philadelphia sausage king competes against an Indian grill master, with singer Carnie Wilson joining Katie Lee in deciding who best to burst Bobby Flay's bubble."
"Windy City chef Pat Sheerin vs. Chinese-American caterer Katie Chin in a battle decided by Curtis Stone and Sandra Lee."
"Chopped (2007) host Ted Allen joins chef Anne Burrell to discuss which contender has the best chance at beating Bobby Flay; Caribbean comfort food chef Justin Gaines and St. Louis barbecue tycoon Mike Johnson try to get Ted and Anne's vote."
"Martha Stewart joins Chopped (2007) judge Scott Conant for a Thanksgiving challenge; Moroccan-born Omar Zerrei and former Iron Chef America sous chef Ed Cotton take on Bobby Flay."
"Grandma and military veteran Line Pelletier comes together with Brooklyn soul food chef Chris Scott to take on Bobby Flay. The judges are Carla Hall (The Chew (2011)), 12-year-old Oscar nominee Quvenzhan\u00c3\u00a9 Wallis and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Modern Family (2009)."
"Bobby Flay's friend, the legendary Francois Payard, and top New York City pastry chef, Zac Young, compete; Food Network's Ted Allen and Das Leben und Riley (2014) kid star, Rowan Blanchard are the judges."
"Sunny Anderson (The Kitchen (2014)) and kid chefs Gibson Borelli and Tyler Zager try to beat Bobby Flay; California restaurateur Claude Beltran and 1st-time dad Brian Santos strive for a one-on-one showdown with Bobby Flay."
"Scott Conant's 6-year-old daughter, Ayla Conant, helps him beat Bobby Flay on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day; New York City chef Lee Knoeppel and private chef Max Hardy present their best kid-friendly classics."
Season 11 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Chopped (2007) judge Amanda Freitag and The Chew (2011)'s Carla Hall battle Bobby Flay; butcher Charles E. Bauer and top Miami chef Todd Erickson advise them."
"Artist-turned-chef Melissa Mayer and former sports reporter Jen Royle compete; Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis and Alex Guarnaschelli serve as judges to see if the contestants can beat Bobby Flay."
"Chefs and brothers Patrick Feury and Terence Feury battle for brothers Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio to see who will get to try and beat Bobby Flay."
"Columbian restaurateur Sam Gorenstein and Mexican chef David Vargas compete to take on Bobby Flay; Food Network's Katie Lee and actor Jason Biggs decide who gets to go up against Bobby."
"Chef Lee Chizmar and Todd Mark Miller compete to see who will take on Bobby Flay; mentors Josh Capon and Alex Guarnaschelli."
"Private chef Eric Adjepong goes up against California native Frank Otte to see whose food can win the hearts of The Chew (2011)'s Daphne Oz and Good Morning America (1975) co-anchor Lara Spencer and see who gets to compete against Bobby Flay."
"Austrian chef Daniel Angerer takes on Jersey restaurateur Jamie Knott for the chance to beat Bobby Flay; TV personality Kristin Cavallari teams up with Bobby's old friend Geoffrey Zakarian, in hopes of an epic win."
"Comedian Chris D'Elia and the notoriously tough-to-please Anne Burrell decide who will go up against Bobby Flay; Jersey girl gone Cali, Trish Tracey, and rocker-turned-chef Daniel Cox square off for the chance to beat Bobby."
"Competing Chicago pastry chefs Kym DeLost and Chris Teixeira compete for judges Sunny Anderson and Katie Lee to see who will earn a shot to beat Bobby Flay."
"Amanda Freitag and Simon Majumdar judge Virginia-based chef Ian Boden and up-and-coming New York City chef Danielle Duran to see who will get to go up against Bobby Flay."
"Bobby's close friends, Scott Conant and Giada De Laurentiis, become his sworn enemies as they pick a chef they think will take him down; the Big Apple's Ian Alvarez and Seattle's Vuong Loc battle."
"Worst Cooks in America (2010)'s Anne Burrell and Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli decide who will get to go against Bobby Flay; steakhouse chef Admir Alibasic and Asian street food master Jason Tom compete."
"Simon Majumdar and chef Curtis Stone bring in chefs Perry Cheung and Richard Mancini with one goal in mind, to knock out Bobby Flay."
Season 12 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Ted Allen and Debi Mazar welcome two contestants who lost Iron Chef America: The Series (2005) by one point; chef Todd Stein, who faced Bobby Flay in a battle of mussels, and chef Paul Virant, who took on Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, compete."
"Alex Reznik brings his kosher cuisine against Colin Smith in this battle for bragging rights. Iron Chef Michael Symon and soap star Susan Lucci bring the drama and the heat to take down Bobby Flay."
"Chef and TV hostess Anne Burrell (Worst Cooks in America (2010)) and comedian Jay Pharoah plot and strategize how to beat Bobby Flay; Canadian chef Rene Rodriguez bring his south-of-the border flavors against the Italian fare of chef Michael Kramer."
"Chopped (2007) judge Scott Conant and actress Busy Philipps set their sights on beating Bobby Flay. They pit Toronto chef Ivana Raca against New Orleans chef Tom Wolfe, with both chefs fighting to make their mark."
"Actress Hel\u00c3\u00a9ne Yorke and Chopped (2007)'s Alex Guarnaschelli conspire to beat Bobby Flay by bringing in southern boy Bobby Hansen and the Midwest's Steven Oakley, two chefs who are vying to take down the east coast king."
"Top Chef (2006) hostess Gail Simmons and The Kitchen (2014)'s Sunny Anderson are striking while the iron is hot in tonight's battle; here to tame the flame are Brooklyn's own Brandon Byrd and top Floridian chef Nicolay Adinaguev."
"Bobby Flay's pals come in hot from the West and East Coasts to take him down at his own game; Michael Symon wants to settle the score, as he pits New York chef Alex Guarnaschelli against Los Angeles chef Jet Tila in an all-out battle of friends."
"Alton Brown enlists past winners of The Next Food Network Star (2005), Damaris Phillips and Justin Warner, to give Bobby Flay the runaround in his own kitchen; the tables turn and the stakes heighten."
"Past winner Anne Burrell gets ready to battle once again; she has to cook against hotshot chef Marcus Samuelsson; Scott Conant sits back and relaxes as his dream team takes center stage."
"Food Network's Ted Allen turns the tables in Bobby Flay's kitchen and he has the Chopped (2007) dream team to back him up; competing chefs Amanda Freitag and Marc Murphy know a thing or two about getting their friend Bobby beat."
"Actress Laura Prepon and The Chew (2011)'s Daphne Oz team up to get Bobby Flay beat. Bobby's protegee, Leia Gaccione, has a surprise in store for her mentor, while New York restaurateur Einat Admony is out for redemption."
"Food Network vet Katie Lee (The Kitchen (2014)) and The Chew (2011)'s Carla Hall have a sweet surprise in store for Bobby Flay - they've brought in the cream of the crop, chefs Bruno Feldeisen and Michelle Gayer, for a chance to sweeten the pot with a win."
"It's West Coast versus East Coast as Michelin-starred Jared Gallagher and worldly Joshua Bedford aim to teach Bobby Flay a thing or two in the kitchen; trying to lead them to victory are celebrity chef Josh Capon and sportscaster Jaymee Sire."
Season 13 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Food Network vet Alton Brown and Travel Channel host Adam Richman bring in pastry chefs Josh Johnson and Dana Cree, who both want to beat Bobby."
"Sunny Anderson and Katie Lee bring out the claws as they set up two motivated chefs to bring down Bobby Flay."
"The Bear, Hal Holden-Bache, stands against model-turned-chef Derek Orrell in an all-out culinary battle; Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Daphne Oz decide which chef gets the chance to take down Bobby Flay."
"Little Italy is in the house, when Naples-born Raffaele Ronca goes up against Italian expert Ken Vedrinski; Food Network veterans Anne Burrell and Scott Conant bring their expertise to the arena to get Bobby Flay beat."
"Amanda Freitag and Jet Tila are ready to compete, as they pit Italian chef Fabio Mura against Miami chef Nicole Votano."
"Ted Allen and Sunny Anderson bring in Bobby Flay's friend and chef Stephen Kalt and Marc Vetri's prot\u00c3\u00a9g\u00c3\u00a9 Brad Spence, in hopes of knocking Bobby down a peg or two."
"Katie Lee and chef Marcus Samuelsson hold nothing back as they aim to get Bobby Flay beat; they take no chances with Canada's own Aida Solomon and Italian-born Pasquale Cozzolino."
"It's the king of fried food versus the king of brunch, as chef Thomas Boemer sizes up against chef Darrell Ferguson to take Bobby Flay's crown."
"Boston chef Dave Bazirgan takes on Mr. Downtown, Stephen Jones, for a chance to cook against Bobby Flay."
"Food Network's Scott Conant and Cooking Channel's Laura Vitale bring their Italian flare to crush Bobby Flay's record; it's between San Diego chef Nicolas Bour and Charleston's R.J. Moody to make sure they are number one in the kitchen."
"Colin Quinn and Katie Lee bring two New York chefs who can withstand the heat, Alex Guarnaschelli's prot\u00c3\u00a9g\u00c3\u00a9, Diane Vista-Ware, and Daniel Boulud's prot\u00c3\u00a9g\u00c3\u00a9, Lauren Brown."
"Giada De Laurentiis and Daphne Oz bring in two chefs they hope will cast the kind of spell that will scare Bobby Flay out of his own kitchen."
"Sophie Flay loves to mess with her dad, so she enlists the help of Alton Brown to hand her father the biggest surprise yet. Mentors Jonathan Waxman and Dean Fearing enter the arena to face their protege Bobby Flay one last time."
Season 14 - Beat Bobby Flay
"Indian spice master Kiran Patnam and creative chef Jonathan Wu bring big city energy to the arena; it's up to \"Chopped\" judges Amanda Freitag and Geoffrey Zakarian to decide which contender has what it takes to slay the Flay."
"Veggie master Daniel Angerer and barbecue guru Mike Johnson have been waiting in the wings for a second shot at Bobby Flay; Food Network's Katie Lee and cookbook author Daphne Oz will decide who gets the chance for redemption."
"Bobby Flay better bust out his rolling pin; Texas pastry chef Amanda Rockman and blast from Bobby's past, Vicki Wells, roll into the arena for a chance at sweet victory."
Season 15 - Beat Bobby Flay
"The winds of fortune are blowing for Toronto's David Adjey and Chicago's Cory Morris. It's up to Chopped judge Scott Conant and Internet star Hannah Hart to decide who goes up against Bobby Flay."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"The arena gets electrified when Katie Lee (Beach Bites with Katie Lee (2015)) and Thai chef Jet Tila bring in restaurateur Crista Luedtke and the fashionable Alan Vargas to see who has what it takes to get the job done against Bobby Flay."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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