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Adventure Time - Season 7 Episode 8

Five foes from Marceline's past come back to cause trouble for the land of Ooo.

Episode: 8/38 eps

Duration: 11 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 8.6

Season 7 - Adventure Time
"The greed of the King of Ooo leads to a crisis in the Candy Kingdom, and (ex-) Princess Bubblegum has to return briefly from exile to deal with it."
"Marceline and Bubblegum rekindle an old friendship while fighting off some varmints."
"The arrival of a visitor causes Cherry Cream Soda's life to fall flat."
"Finn and Jake's loyalty is questioned when King of Ooo sends the duo on a mission to catch flying mushrooms."
"BMO switches places with his reflection, Football."
"Finn and Jake hunt a shadowy predator and Marceline asks Princess Bubblegum for a favor."
"As the sun rises on her last day, Marceline recalls her long extraordinary life."
"Five foes from Marceline's past come back to cause trouble for the land of Ooo."
"The empress seeks her revenge and uses the Ice King as her puppet. Marceline retaliates and gets her own vengeance."
"Marceline, Bonnibel, Finn, Jake and Lumpy Space Princess fight a more traditional vampire, The Hierophant."
"Princess Bubblegum searches for a cure for Marceline and Finn and Jake battle a vampire."
"Marceline's archenemy visits and makes an odd proposal right before battle."
"Following the release of the Vampire King's Vampuric essence, Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum are forced into a fight against the seemingly unstoppable force without the aid of a depressed Marceline."
"On BMO's birthday, Moe comes to visit and give BMO a special birthday mission. But while BMO is away, Moe begins to overstay his welcome at the tree house."
"BMO continues its quest to adulthood. It'll discover that something went wrong in the factory where all the MOs where created."
"Jake's Daughter, Viola helps LSP with her play, Summer Showers."
"BMO creates a live action role-play bounty mission and sets out with Jake as his steed to capture the infamous 'Jack Rabbit Johnson'."
"When Jakes video chat buddy goes missing, he must go look for him with Finn in Banana Man's submarine"
"A radio program broadcasts the most strange new, a blank eyed girl is going around scaring the inhabitants of Kandy Kingdom. Beware of the Blank Eyed Girl, it's coming for you."
"Finn, Jake, LSP and BMO must content with some deadly weather."
"Ice King suffers a heartbreaking loss and it's up to Finn and Jake to find the culprit."
"A King's Ransom: Ice King suffers a heartbreaking loss and it's up to Finn and Jake to find the culprit. \/ Scamps: Finn takes a group of at-risk Candy Kingdom youth on a camping trip they'll never forget."
"Due to a wish Finn asked Prismo to make, a while back Finn must now stop himself from another dimension along with a previous villian, from destroying the entire multiverse"
"Finn enters a mysterious dungeon and struggles to find a way out and back to Jake."
"With it being rumoured that Finn is seeing someone new, Jake endeavours to find out who."
"Flute Spell: Jake learns that Finn's been having clandestine meetings with a powerful wizard. But what are they up to? \/ The Thin Yellow Line: Finn and Jake infiltrate the Banana Guard ranks and stumble upon a conspiracy."
"Ice King has some problems with his crown. Princess Bubblegum helps along with Marceline."
"At the library, Finn learns of a mountain with treasure possessing transformative properties at its peak. He and Jake venture to find the treasure, but find more than they expected when they encounter the hermit guarding the treasure."
"Beyond the Grotto: In pursuit of a runaway Sea Lard, Finn and Jake are led down a whirlpool to a curious new land. \/ Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension: Jake's son TV finds a hidden box and draws the attention of a super cool Rainicorn named Lee."
"T.V., still living with his mother, discovers a magical object and without knowing, attracts Lee - a rainicorn from the Crystal Dimension, which reveals an important part of Lady Rainicorn's past."
"Fin loses his Fin-Sword and he needs to get it back ASAP, because someone is using it to cause terror and rampage."
"Princess Bubblegum feels sad that Cinnamon Bun is the only candy person in the Flame Kingdom, so she creates Bun Bun, a tiny cinnamon bun, to keep him company."
"Stripped of his magic powers, Normal Man enlists Finn and Jake's help to rescue his brother Glob."
"Normal Man: Stripped of his magic powers, Normal Man enlists Finn and Jake's help to rescue his brother Glob. \/ Elemental: Ice King discovers something buried deep beneath the Ice Kingdom that could change Ooo forever."
"Fionna and cake go on an adventure to push the art of cake to another level"
"Finn gets to be the judge of battle of the bands held in the Candy Kingdom, when he starts to hear music that nobody else can."
"The Music Hole: While judging the hugest Battle of the Bands in the history of Ooo, Finn hears a mysterious new song. \/ Daddy-Daughter Card Wars: To put his embarrassing past behind him, Jake needs his daughter Charlie's help to win an underground Card Wars tourney."
"While searching for old human artifacts, Jake, Finn, and Susan Strong meet Tiffany, who is employed by a mysterious Doctor Gross."
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