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Adventure Time - Season 6 Episode 35

Cuber returns for the telling of another installment of the Graybles.

Episode: 35/43 eps

Duration: 11 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 8.6

Season 6 - Adventure Time
"Finn tracks down who he believes is his father."
"Finn finds his long-lost father after following the Lich to the Citadel. As it turns out, maybe this wasn't such a good idea?"
"'James', Finn & Jake, and Princess Bubblegum discover that James has been cloned 25 times, and that the original zombie James is returning - and not in a good way."
"Finn decides to build a tower to space."
"Once a month, while Finn and Jake are asleep, Jake's tail comes to life. It travels to a little circus in the forest, where it is known as Blue Nose the sad faced clown. But Blue Nose and the ringmaster come to a disagreement regarding the treatment of the \"beast\" Goralina."
"In an attempt to help his wilting arm-flower, Finn begins a search for smooches with the help of a friendly bee named Breezy."
"Finn and Jake learn how the food chain works with a little help from Magic Man."
"Finn and Jake spend all their money."
"Back to the Fiona and Cake universe when LSP wants the Ice King to tell (her) version of Lumpy Space Prince's life, but she has an ulterior motive."
"The Sky Witch attacks the Candy Kingdom."
"Shelby gains a little brother who sets off to battle."
"Kim Kil Whan wants to teach his dad Jake responsibility."
"Ice King goes on a spiritual journey."
"Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess cause chaos at the Breakfast Kingdom."
"A crusader against the dark arts seeks to banish Peppermint Butler."
"Jake tells the story of his and his brother Jermaine's' births."
"Jake kills a fly that gets into his soup. However, he and Finn must get creative when the fly returns as a powerful ghost to haunt them."
"Jake is transported to a different world."
"After the death of Prismo, Finn and Jake do a funeral ritual. But when Jake eats the last pickle of the jar of pickles that Prismo made for him, he is transported to Prismo's lair. Will Finn be able to save him?"
"Jake is conducting an experiment of being a brick in a brick-shack."
"Finn has a toothache, so he has to go to the dentist."
"Flame Princess asks Princess Bubblegum for help when her city is cooled down."
"A slumber party is being held in the Candy Kingdom and Finn and Princess Bubblegum are sent to 7 minutes in Heaven."
"Set in the Prehistoric Era, Evergreen and his aprentice Gunter have to stop a meteor heading towards Earth."
"Finn and Jake go camping in the woods. When they go to sleep, Finn has an out-of-body experience and visits other creatures all around Ooo while he slowly ascends to space."
"During his first day of school, Sweet Pea is approached by the King of OOO and his companion, Toronto, who lure him into dancing in public."
"Finn's dream about following a comet to its crash site reunites him with an old friend."
"Feeling unfulfilled, both Lemongrab and Finn take an introspective journey into the Mountain of Matthew. Inside, they are faced with their desires, their fears and themselves, and must make a pivotal choice."
"Its the day of the month everyone loves. Super Porp Day (grape soda in a can). Fin, Jake, BMO and Marcy are skating and waiting at the local Squeez-E-Mart for the vending machine to be refilled with the grape soda. They begin to wonder where Super Porp comes from when Marcy says shes been drinking it since she was a little girl. Should they chase down the answer or just enjoy the soda. The refill-bots fly off and go under ground, to Susan Strongs homeland. Where suddenly a crime takes place. Susan will discover the truth!"
"Jake's son T.V. discovers a mysterious diary in the dried-up moat of the Candy Kingdom, and becomes obsessed with finding out more about the writer known only as \"B.P.\""
"Finn & Jake stumble into two different holes and meet two different fates."
"The Ice King struggles with the consequences of making new friends."
"Jake meets his brother Jermaine in a dream and decides to visit in the real world."
"BMO'S favorite artists find a new home in the treehouse."
"Cuber returns for the telling of another installment of the Graybles."
"A charismatic stranger in Finn's dream leads Cosmic Owl to shirk his duties."
"Finn and Jake enjoy a day at the water park."
"Finn and Jake storm Magic Man's house to rescue his new apprentice who turns out to be Betty. Betty and Magic Man create a system that will make Magic Man the new King of Mars. He has a vision about his dead wife who he magically cloned but instead was supposed to be used as a weapon to stop a space demon. Betty has a vision of how to save Simon and absorbs Magic Man's powers leaving him normal."
"A fed up Lumpy Space Princess leaves the woods for a glamorous career in babysitting."
"Gunther experiences strange visions following a walrus race accident."
"Finn's father, Martin the Human, fights for freedom on a new planet."
"Princess Bubblegum's attention is diverted by a mysterious presence in the sky."
"Finn, Jake, and Orgalorg converge with the comet and meet their destiny."
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