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Adventure Time - Season 4 Episode 26

Finn has an unclear premonition involving The Lich and sets out to stop the undead creature.

Episode: 26/26 eps

Duration: 11 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 8.6

Season 4 - Adventure Time
"Refusing to believe that she is evil, Finn tries to win over his new crush, Flame Princess."
"Five short stories of Finn, Jake and their friends."
"After being caught by a giant spider, Finn and Jake try and help the arachnid with its marital problems so they won't be eaten."
"Tree Trunks finds love but her public displays of affection nauseate everyone around her."
"Finn and Jake find themselves imprisoned in the dark realm of the Nightosphere with no memory of how they came to be there."
"Continuing their mysterious quest in the Nightosphere, Finn and Jake must rescue their friend Marceline the Vampire Queen."
"A cute, bumbling bear begins to follow and mimic Finn. At first Finn enjoys having the furry admirer, but soon becomes uneasy with the bear's devotion."
"A Hug Wolf, a monstrous wolf that gives hugs against the will of its victims, turns Finn into one of its kind."
"The Ice King steals various body parts from all the princesses to construct his own perfect princess bride."
"Princess Bubblegum uses her own DNA to create an intelligent and immortal sphinx which is planned to one day succeed her to the throne, except that Finn and Jake accidentally affect those plans."
"A magic curse turns Finn into a ghost, invisible to everyone but the Ice King."
"Lumpy Space Princess sets out to write a book on how to catch a man and goes undercover as Finn and Jake's secretary in order to seduce Finn."
"The Candy Kingdom faces a hostage crisis from a cookie that demands Princess Bubblegum's crown."
"As Finn joins in on Jake's favorite, hyper-complicated card game, emotions and poor gamesmanship run high."
"Magic Man switches bodies with Jake so that he can escape his trial on Mars, leaving it up to Finn to reveal the truth and save his friend."
"Finn and Flame Princess cautiously begin a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, of which Princess Bubblegum disapproves."
"BMO uses hard-boiled detective skills to locate Finn's missing sock."
"Finn finds himself trapped in a bizarre dream, the outcome of which may determine if he ever wakes up."
"Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn must rescue Finn and Jake."
"The would-be usurper to the throne, Lemongrab, returns to the Candy Kingdom, demanding volunteer subjects for his own kingdom."
"While training for an epic battle, Finn and Jake take their frustrations out in a fight against each other."
"Finn and Jake sneak into the Fire Kingdom to retrieve some of Flame Princess' things, and stumble onto a plot to kill the Flame King."
"A tribe of swamp creatures ask Finn and Jake to save them from a Mega Frog."
"While the Ice King is away, his sidekick Gunther the penguin uses a magic amulet to conquer the countryside and attack the Candy Kingdom."
"The Ice King asks Marcelline the Vampire Queen to help him write a song."
"Finn has an unclear premonition involving The Lich and sets out to stop the undead creature."
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